Hello Everyone!
Are you thinking yearbooks? We are! From strict remote learning, to some schools alternating “A” and “B” students, it has been nothing short of a year of uncertainty. One thing is for certain though – Yearbooks are happening, and you can order yours now! We are working hard to create fun and unique yearbooks this year. Below is the link to our quick and easy order form. This yearbook will be one-of-a-kind so don’t miss out on this opportunity!
The process is easy and takes no more than a couple minutes. Remember to double check that your school’s yearbook is selected when checking out! Follow the link at the end of this message to order your yearbook.
To make these yearbooks special, we would like to ask for your help! Yes – YOU! The most vital tool to keep us safe this year has also become one of the most simple and customizable fashion accessories. We would love to see your favorite and most stylish masks in a Mask Fashion feature page. So, pull out the camera, capture a nice image of your student wearing their favorite mask and submit it to us here at - This opportunity will expire once we have enough pictures for the page, or we hit the deadline of March 3 rd, whichever happens first. Be sure to name the file with your student’s name and the school they attend so we know what book to put them in! The image should show above the student’s head down to the mid-chest, we will crop it from there. Keep the background simple and be sure that it is a JPG and not too dark or too bright. Firefly Images appreciates all your help in making this yearbook the best it can be!  
The cost is $20.00.  Please order from the link below.
Thank you,
Firefly Images