Trouble Connecting to Clever?

Need help with your Chromebook?
Clever Card Login
Are you having trouble connecting to the Clever Portal? As a first step, read through these directions for help.
Stanwood Camano Online Resources
Click here for Clever: How to Sign-in at Home
Click here if Clever is asking you for a password

If the chromebook is asking you to enter the old password click cancel and then it will go to the screen that is asking for your password.  Click on the down arrow by the student name and click remove account.  Click remove account again and it should take you back to the Clever screen.

All the student work is located in the cloud not on the chromebook so it may feel like removing an account is not correct but don't worry it is fine.  

If you still can not connect, or have trouble with the Chromebook in general, email your question/situation to Mrs. Barrie, at [email protected], or Mr.Clem, at [email protected]